Some entrepreneurs and small business owners claim that they are not involved in marketing. That your personal contacts are doing well. If you listen carefully, it could be an argument for getting rid of sellers, or it could be about purchased advertising space. But, in reality, you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't consider which marketing may be relevant even if you only have a limited budget.


If you work in a small business, you should keep a close eye on your finances. Here are some ideas for how to think when you have a limited budget or are just starting out.

1. Good content is always in short supply!

Creating content tailored to your target audience is an effective way to demonstrate your knowledge and generosity. If you don't feel like writing, see if any of your coworkers would be willing to write a weekly blog post for your website. Remember that what you publish should add value or answer a question that your target audience may have.

2. Hand out business cards.

Some believe that the business cards played a role, but this is not entirely certain. Yes, people you meet may obtain your contact information in other ways, such as through social media. However, you can still make an impression on those you meet if you have a stylish and professional business card that stands out.


The beauty of networking is that it is based on a community in which people support and trust one another. It's a good way to build a platform for your business if it's also a network where you concretely create business opportunities. BNI is one such organization.

4. Market yourself through email.

Email marketing remains extremely effective. Build your mailing list over time, and encourage visitors to sign up for your newsletter. Intersperse offers with knowledge and useful information that your target audience will find interesting. When you combine point 1 and point 2, you increase the power of the content you publish on your website.

5. Use your best advertising pillars—satisfied customers.

Customers/users and everyone who already enjoys your service are your key to success. Can you make it easier for them to spread the word about your company? Working hard, keeping your commitments, and exceeding expectations with satisfied customers makes life that much more enjoyable! And the order book is well stocked!


If you don't have the money, you must use your imagination. What would your target audience see if they opened their eyes? Make an effort to be entertaining and unique. Perhaps a cleverly worded note on the ICA's notice board would be a good first step? Exhibiting at a fair can be costly, so go as a visitor and search for opportunities to make new contacts.

7. Network on social media.

LinkedIn is one of the platforms that is ideal for networking. LinkedIn has over 40 million users from 200 different countries. You can use this page to contact potential customers, partners, and colleagues. Of course, the content on the website and in the e-mail should be shared on Facebook as well.

8. Make videos and share your know-how, it's time.

Video production does not have to be difficult. Create a storyboard, then set up lighting and sound. Also, make sure to record some test footage to ensure that everything works properly. The main thing, as with all content marketing work, is that you add value or create something that your target audience requires.


CTAs (Call to Actions) are an excellent way to encourage your customers to do exactly what you want them to do when they see your ad or visit your website. Common CTAs include buy now, read more, and become a member. Some customers are put off by a “Buy now” button and require a gentler variant such as “Read more” before proceeding.

10. Get Google Analytics.

Connecting Google Analytics to your website is a wise decision. Then you can track your marketing progress and identify improvements that will yield even better results. Google Analytics allows you to see how traffic from Google, social media, and newsletters arrives at your website.


You now have some options to consider. It takes time, but if you are not too busy today, it can be an exceptional way to acquire new customers. There are no shortcuts, not even in marketing, as is customary. Test yourself, track your progress, and try new things. And don't forget to have fun on your trip. Celebrate your accomplishments. We've got your back!